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Holding handsDental Phobias

Have you ever felt worried about visiting the dentist? We understand that many people suffer from dental phobia, usually due to past negative experiences they’ve had. At Smiles Away Dental Travel, we want you to know that every possible step is taken to ensure your comfort and reassure you that you’ve made the right choice for your dental care.

Sedation Available

There are various anesthetic options available including full sedation (general anesthetic) administered by a fully qualified anesthetist. Please inform us in advance about your concerns and we will arrange the best solution for you during your treatment.

implant size compared to coinsDental Implant Patients

If you’re considering having a dental implant to replace your teeth, there’s no need to fear the size of the implant. Patients are usually surprised to see how small it is and love that the surgical placement of them is quicker and easier than they expected.

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