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At Smiles Away Dental Travel, our goal is to make sure that you receive high-quality dental care at fair prices. We’ll assist you in arranging every step of your booking—all you have to do is buy your flight tickets. You won’t have to worry about hidden fees either with our all-inclusive pricing.

Know The Whole Story

Our goal is to provide you with complete dental service information and transparent pricing. When comparing dental clinic options, be aware of the following misleading marketing practices.

  • ‘Implants Pricing From’, followed by a low price – A full implant consists of three parts: implant, abutment and crown. This type of pricing relates only to one of those items. Ultimately you will pay for all of the necessary pieces.
  • ‘Implants In A Day’ – Full implants cannot be provided in a day. You will receive only a partial treatment, one part of the implant will be installed with a temporary denture affixed. These hurried treatments sound convenient but result in a higher incidence of infection.

We encourage you to ask questions regarding what is included in the advertised costs and what is involved in your treatment.

Pricing List

Treatment Our All Incl. Price* UK Price (Average) You Save at least
Implant Complete (each) - includes implant, abutment & crown €830.00 £1,600.00 £800.00
Implant Only (Alpha Bio)**
€450.00 £650.00 £200.00
Abutment Only €150.00 £350.00 £200.00
Implant Crown Metal Ceramic Only €230.00 £350.00 £120.00
Crown Metal Ceramic €170.00 £300.00 £120.00
Crown Zirconium €300.00 £700.00 £400.00
Root Canal €60.00 £390.00 £330.00
€40.00 £120.00 £80.00
Extraction 2 €80.00 £240.00 £160.00
Wisdom Tooth
€100.00 £250.00 £150.00
Denture (removable) €392.00 £800.00 £400.00
Porcelain Veneer (per tooth) €300.00 £700.00 £400.00
Inlay €250.00 £450.00 £200.00
Zoom Teeth Whitening €295.00 £400.00 £100.00
Sinus Lift As Required £1,299.00 £500.00
Bone Replacement As Required £700.00 £300.00
Panoramic X-Ray €40.00 £60.00 £20.00
3D CT Scan €100.00 £150.00 £50.00
Implant-Supported Bridge Denture (w/o Implants) €1,630.00 £2,600.00 £1,000.00
All On Four Denture with Implants (per jaw) €7,995.00 £12,000.00 £4,000.00
All On Six Denture with Implants (per jaw) €9,995.00 £16,000.00 £6,000.00

*All prices include small x rays, lab work, impressions, healing screws, antibiotics, and pain killers.
**Nobel Biocare implants can be provided at an extra cost. Please enquire.

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