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At Smiles Away Dental Travel, it’s our goal to make it simple and affordable for you to receive the high-quality dentistry that you need. Our accessible clinic is easy to get to, making it a convenient way to improve your smile. You can combine your visit to us with an enjoyable trip full of shopping and sightseeing, making the most of your free time.

Below, you can find information on reaching us from two different popular destinations, as well as the main attractions and shopping opportunities you’ll see in each city.

Visit Bratislava

This breathtaking medieval city with its winding streets and many outdoor cafes, bars and restaurants is compact, making it easily walkable. You’ll be able to fit in a great deal of sightseeing, such as cruising on the Danube, visiting ancient churches and enjoying a delicious meal in the Old Town Square.

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Visit Vienna

Boasting over 150 richly appointed palaces and 27 castles, you won’t have any shortage of places you can’t wait to see in Vienna. View masterpieces of art, let your ears be dazzled by the works of Viennese composers, visit elegant wine bars and five-star restaurants and check out the cosy Christmas markets. Vienna is a perfect place to visit all year long.

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