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Fixed Dentures

Smiling older manDentures are a reliable replacement for your missing teeth. When you arrange your care through Smiles Away Dental Travel, you can be sure that the dentures you receive will be comfortable, easy to care for and allow you to eat the foods you love. Our experienced team and on-site laboratory simplify the process for you.

Why Choose Dentures?

You may prefer dentures if you do not want to have dental implants or a fixed dental prosthesis such as a bridge. Dentures are cost-efficient and quickly made. The process doesn’t involve any pain or inconvenience for you. Dentures made from top quality materials are provided; they are natural-looking and work just like your teeth should.

Partial Teeth Loss

If you have just a few missing teeth, a partial removable denture may be the ideal solution. It’s attached to a bridge that is affixed to your remaining teeth with a specialised bracket. If needed, a crown can be applied to your existing teeth to give them greater strength and stability, upon which the partial denture can be placed.

If you have molars that are missing, we recommend an attachment prosthesis with a dental bridge and a dental attachment that will slide into the removable part of your denture.

When all teeth are missing, a complete denture is appropriate.

Click Dentures

Those with too few teeth to have fixed dentures may choose to have click dentures. Dental crowns that are placed on existing teeth can have the click denture affixed to them. It can be removed for cleaning or brushing as needed. As the closure is located under the denture, it won’t be visible yet it will stay securely into place.

All-On-4® or All-On-6®

If you’d like a denture that is permanently in place, it can be affixed to denture implants. An implant will create a steady point on which your denture can be fixed, which will improve your quality of life.

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