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Our High EU Standards

happy woman at dental checkupAt Smiles Away Dental Travel, we have two main priorities: your safety, and your satisfaction. Dental travel is the wave of the future when it comes to improving your smile and loving to show it off again. All over the UK, people are discovering the incredible benefits of booking a dental holiday.

Highly Trained Experts

One common concern that we hear from prospective patients is, “Are your dentists qualified?” The clinics that we book you with have EU-educated dentists. Every one of them adheres to the EU guidelines and regulations. They stay informed on the latest developments within the dental field to make sure that you receive the best possible care.

You’ll have access to all the latest techniques and equipment when you choose Smiles Away Dental Travel to book your dental travel. The primary clinic that we work with is a bustling place that is well-known for its high quality of work. Six of the seven dentists are fluent in English, though your concierge will be available to you if any translations are needed.

Our Implantologists

If you’re looking into getting dental implants abroad, you might be curious about our specialists. Three of the dentists that we work with are qualified implantologists. They’ve received postgraduate education in addition to their dental education that allows them to perform the surgery and restoration of dental implants abroad.

If you would like to read more about our implantologists and our other dentists, please visit our Meet the Dentists page.

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