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The Road to Smiles Away Dental Travel

dental teamSimon Willis was living in Slovakia and working for an Austrian company when he found himself in need of dental care. Over his years of living abroad, he experienced treatment with several different dentists. Simon noticed that the quality of care would differ greatly from one clinic to another. At the same time, he noticed that people were increasingly travelling from the UK to have dental treatment abroad.

It occurred to me that dental tourism was something people could use help with, and I genuinely want to provide that.
Simon Willis, CEO and Founder

As a Brit who was based here, Simon had an advantage in assisting his fellow Brits who wanted to have a dental holiday. He wanted to find a way where people could get transparent pricing, quality products and English-speaking dentists, removing the worry from seeing a dentist abroad.

That’s when the idea for Smiles Away Dental Travel began.

What We Do For You

Our entire team is dedicated to simplifying your dental care. We want to remove the complexity and confusion from the equation. You’ll receive transparent quotes for fees, be booked in for the dental care you need and know we’ll take care of the details. Since you don’t deal directly with the clinic, you have an extra level of protection, knowing we’re behind the scenes to do it all for you.

You’ll receive the best rates possible from dentists who adhere to EU guidelines and regulations. Your personal concierge is available to you throughout your dental holiday. We’ll help you plan trips, get you to and from the airport and transport you to your dental appointments.

We want to create a fantastic experience for you. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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